Coque iphone se france 14 Ways to Improve iPhone X and 8 coque samsung galaxy s5 s5-coque iphone 5c bierre-oeamkr

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have smaller batteries coque samsung galaxy grand plus blanc compared to iPhone 7 models, but Apple claims that coque samsung galaxy s4 belgique they will have the same battery life when it comes to internet use, talk time, and audio and video playback. If you’ve gotten your hands on a brand new iPhone 8 and have noticed battery performance issues, then we have some tips for you to overcome this problem. Press coque samsung galaxy j5 transparente motif the right arrow to learn 14 ways to improve the battery life coque samsung a5 2016 licorne of iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus.

14 Disable True Tone DisplayTrue Tone display is a new feature in iPhone 8, iPhone coque iphone 6 avec trou 8 coque iphone 6 land rover Plus, and iPhone X which automatically adjusts the color of your display depending on your surroundings. It creates a more natural viewing experience coque samsung coque iphone 6 plus neymar psg s7 edge spigen and makes reading more comfortable on the eyes.

While this is coque samsung galaxy s5 mini personnalisée a useful feature, having it enabled means that your iPhone has to continually analyze your surroundings to make necessary adjustments to the display color. By disabling this feature, you can improve your iPhone’s battery life. To turn off True Tone.

13 Disable Raise to WakeRaise to Wake is a feature that was introduced in iOS 10. It automatically turns on your iPhone’s display when you pick it up. As you’d expect, this consumes battery because it has to keep a tab on when you pick up your iPhone, and it turns on the display when you might not need it.

12 Toggle Off Significant LocationsMany of you might not be aware of this option which is hidden deep down in Settings. By default, Significant Locations is enabled to allow your iPhone to track the places you visit to provide better location related information in apps such as Maps, Photos, Calendar, and so coque samsung trend lite manga on. You should disable this option to avoid wasting battery.

11 Turn Off Location Services or Limit ItLocation Services uses a lot of battery when tracking your location, especially when some apps and games track your location in the background. If you don’t require it, you can disable Location Services completely or toggle it off for specific apps. You can save battery by coque samsung galaxie s4 disabling Location Services altogether or only coque iphone 6 peanuts for the apps that shouldn’t track your location.

10 Disable or Limit Email Fetch FrequencyWhen you add email accounts to the Mail app, you can adjust how often your device checks for new emails. every half an hour). If you don’t require this feature at all, you can disable it completely.

9 Check Your Battery UsageOne of the most common reasons for poor battery performance is that some apps naturally have a high power consumption. Luckily, iOS allows you to check the battery usage of your iPhone to find the culprit.

8 Disable Background App RefreshBackground App Refresh allows apps to continue running in the background and refresh their content while you’re using other apps on your iPhone. For instance, the Mail app will run in the background to fetch new emails as soon as they arrive. This will have a significant impact on your iPhone’s battery, especially if there are apps that consume a lot of battery. You’d be better off disabling Background App Refresh altogether or for apps with high battery consumption.

7 Disable Unnecessary ConnectionsWireless coque samsung galaxy j1 m&m’s connections such as Wi Fi, Bluetooth, and Cellular Data have coque iphone 6 dark maul a significant impact on your iPhone’s battery, especially Cellular Data. Whenever you don’t require any of these features, you should disable them to avoid wasting battery. As an example, if you’re in a place with no Wi Fi networks to connect to, you’d be better off disabling Wi Fi, otherwise it will continue to search for nearby networks to connect to, and this will reduce your battery.

You should disable Wi Fi and Bluetooth from coque samsung j3 2017 bleu Settings to turn them off completely.

6 Disable “Hey Siri”This is a handy feature that allows you to invoke Siri by saying “Hey Siri” It can be useful at times when you cannot reach your iPhone to activate Siri, such as when driving or cooking. Despite the advantages, one of the drawbacks coque samsung galaxy s4 mini bois of this feature is that it reduces your iPhone’s battery because it’s always listening and waiting for you to say “Hey Siri” Therefore, you can disable it to reduce the battery consumption. Once turned on, the battery icon in the status bar changes to yellow to indicate that Low Power Mode coque samsung galaxy grand prime mms has been enabled.

4 Turn On Reduce MotionAll those coque samsung galaxy s5 dior fancy animations and visual effects in iOS look great, such as the parallax wallpaper effect on the Home screen or the app launching animations. The bad part is that these effects drain your iPhone’s battery slightly, coque pour iphone 6 transparente so you’re better off disabling them if you want to save battery. coque samsung s7 design This can be done coque samsung stitch by coque samsung galaxy grand prime sm-g531f enabling Reduce Motion. If the environment around you is dark and you set the screen brightness to the maximum level, then you’re wasting battery and straining your eyes. Therefore, adjust the screen brightness at a level that is comfortable for your eyes, and avoid going for the maximum brightness level when it’s not needed.

1 Get a Power Bank or Battery CaseWhile this is prix coque samsung galaxy s4 not really a solution to improving your iPhone’s battery life, it doesn’t hurt to keep a spare battery backup. Power banks are portable and can be carried around anywhere, which comes in handy when you’re running out of battery and don’t have a power socket nearby to charge. They can also charge multiple devices at once. Another alternative is to fit your iPhone 8 with a battery case which is more convenient and acts both as a case and a battery coque samsung s6 ebay source. Both of these are great lifesavers, especially when you’re traveling…