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You can now use Quick Actions and Peek on any iPhone or iPad running iOS 13

0.1 Related:1 What the difference1.1 What changed1.2 Is this the same as Haptic Touch2 How cover samsung galaxy a3 bmw to use Quick Actions and Peek2.1 Quick Actions on iPadOS2.2 Want to turn off Quick Actions3 What about iPhones that already support 3D Touch or Haptic Touch3.1 Related Posts:If you own a 3D Touch enabled device, cover samsung a3 a libro you probably already familiar with Quick Actions. It the contextual menu that shows up when you firmly press on an app, a folder or custodia cover samsung a40 another UI element.A long press, on the other hand, is just what it sounds like. You just press and hold on an icon until something happens. For most of iOS history, this has resulted in the mode on the Home screen.The major difference between the two is that cover samsung s9 glitter a long press results from the amount of time you hold down an app, while a firm press takes custodia cover samsung a5 a specific amount of pressure.So what changed Well, in iOS 13 and iPadOS, any device can access the Quick Actions menu and the Peek option with just a long press.With the new change, there doesn appear to be any pressure sensing going on in the background. You won be able to deeper to differentiate between a firm press and oretech cover samsung a7 2018 a long press.That means that certain 3D Touch related features are inaccessible, but it also means iphone 4 cover india that others like Quick Actions and Peek are now available on any device that can run cover samsung galaxy s8, aicek iOS 13 or iPadOS.Is this the same as Haptic TouchEssentially, there is zero difference between the iPhone 11 or XR Haptic Touch and the new long press action available on cover samsung j7 2016 silicone disney any iPhone.Haptic Touch is just a fancy marketing term for a long press combined with a bit of haptic feedback from Apple Taptic Engine. sostituzione cover samsung s8 There isn any pressure sensing going custodia cover iphone 11 pro max on, and the feature doesn actually make use of 3D Touch at cover samsung s9 legno all.Because of that, it isn clear whether or not Apple will be able to retroactively add haptic feedback to devices without 3D Touch or Haptic Touch. On the devices we coldplay cover samsung tested, the quick actions don appear to make any use of the Taptic Engine.How to use Quick Actions and PeekIn iOS 13 and iPadOS, you can use a simple long press to access the Quick Actions menu, as well as some Peek cover de iphone 5s capabilities.You can try it out yourself, as long as you have an iPhone or iPad that can run iOS 13 or the very version of iPadOS. As we mentioned, you don need a 3D Touch iPhone to access cover samsung galaxy 9 these features.Quick Actions: You can now press and hold on an app custodia cover huawei p8 icon to cover in gomma iphone 7 perform a variety of Quick Actions associated with that app just like with 3D Touch. That could include opening a new Private Tab in Safari or quickly getting to frequent samsung galaxy s8 hoesje contacts in Messages.Quick Actions for Folders: If you press and hold on an app folder, you see a list of all of the apps that have pending notifications.Peek: One of the most convenient options in 3D Touch is the ability to Peek. In iOS 13 and iPadOS, you can now press and hold on various UI elements to into messages, web links or emails.But where Pop: Unfortunately, it doesn seem oba style cover iphone 6 like Pop is a part of Haptic Touch or the new long press functionality. At least, not yet.Rearranging apps: At this point, rearranging apps on your Home screen is a little finicky. That because pressing for too short a period doesn do much, but pressing for too long activates mode. The spot appears to be cover samsung s5 mini silicone about a one second and release on a Home screen app.A better rearranging app option. At this point, it seems like Apple may rectify that by adding a new Rearrange apps button to the Quick Actions menu on the Home screen. The button is now available in the latest betas.Quick Actions on iPadOSThe change also means you cover panda iphone 6 can use Quick Actions and Peek on iPads, which have never had 3D Touch. (And yes, you can activate these features with an Apple Pencil.)..