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WTF Calculate a tip Don you Americans just give tips based on your own feeling Like When you eat for coque iphone 5c silicone fnac $ 92,you just pay with a bank note of $ 100,and tell them to keep the change and coque iphone xr dragon chinois when coque iphone se exotique you eat for $81,you get a bank note of $ 10,and the waiter searches for the remaining $ 9,you just tell him to keep it.

I never heard of calculating tips. I can imagine using a calculator or even worse speaking to my iPhone in public to coque iphone en spigen coque iphone xr neo hybrid fimo ask how much I have to pay the waiter and then search my wallet for the coins I need to coque iphone 4s customisé give the person $ 9.75. That just completely ridiculous.

Yes Americans calculate tips. Personally I just coque iphone 4s a take 10% and double coque iphone 5s hibou it, then round up to the nearest coque iphone 4s chez orange dollar, unless the service is coque marquez iphone xr bad then I do 15% photo sur coque iphone 5 and round down. Your example of an $8 tip on a $92 meal would be insulting, at less than 9%. A tip for good service impression 3d coque iphone 6 is coque iphone 5s cross around 20% 25%, higher if you feel generous.

Waiters and servers live off coque iphone 5c banksy of their coque iphone (se tips, this is because the minimum wage in the USA is so shockingly low it not enough to live on alone. In some states it like $3/hour

And yes there coque iphone dr martens are 0.25 (quarters) and 0.05 (nickels) coins.

If you don like coque iphone 7, vrs design tipping, vote for a higher minimum wage. You can have it both ways, unless you want to flood restaurants with robots or clones taking your orders coque iphone 5c fantaisie and coque cordon iphone xr multicolor serving food for you. Maybe someday Siri will not code reduction coque iphone only calculate your tips, but also be your waiter But coque iphone 4s lunatic if AI is doing that, what else will AI be doing Imagine the unemployment coque dragonne iphone xr rate in a world where coque iphone 6 plus all blacks work is mostly performed by machinery of either mechanical or biologic origin Now tipping doesn sound so bad, does it If you can afford an iPhone, coque iphone xr 3d animaux you can afford to tip, period…