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Most people might think that there no point to go for a wireless charger. I beg to differ. Wireless chargers allow you to charge your phone without the use of a physical wire.

It allows coque iphone 7 dorée you to reduce the use of the charging coque iphone 8 plus eastpak port, and in turn prolong the life span of the port.

Wireless charging also allow you to reduce the use of coque portefeuille huawei nova charging cables which tend to get damaged after a certain duration. This means you need not buy a new wire to replace the charging cables.

On top of that, wireless chargers these days are quite affordable and safe as they site de coque iphone se get more advanced.


This brings down to options coque huawei nova can l01 coque iphone 5s transparente neige of wireless chargers which I could divide into two categories, the branded originals, and coque iphone 4 banane the OEMs.

Branded originals are coque iphone 6s souple produced by manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Apple and so forth. Their wireless coque huawei nova mandala chargers are good looking and they are expensive.

A Samsung wireless charger for example would be priced at RM112 at coque huawei nova harry potter least.

That prompted me to buy an OEM wireless charger with no brand meilleure coque iphone 8 plus over at AliExpress for just RM50 inclusive of free postage.


There of course many wireless chargers out there, but I specifically choose this one because it was fitting to be placed in my car.

I figured that having a wireless charger in my croquis coque iphone 5s car would be perfect as I can just put it down and the coque iphone 5s monet phone would be charged as I go without me worrying about plugging it in by cable.

Checks at Gearbest show that wireless chargers go for as low as USD1.80 (around RM20), making it even cheaper. These chargers aren only cheap, but good looking.



Back to my wireless charger. After using the charger for a couple of coque iphone 6 plus fnac days, I can say that it works as it should.

It doesn coque iphone kase have fast ou trouver coque iphone 5s charging and is largely slower coque iphone 7 transparente solide than if I used the cable supplied by Samsung, but it works as it should.

I marked that it needs 42 minutes to charge my phone by 18%.

It also fits nicely coque iphone 7 la redoute in the car coque iphone 5s tibo inshape and since it made with silicone, there no worry of it breaking. As I said above, it just RM50 coque iphone xs luxe (USD12), so I really have no complaints.

BUY THE SAME WIRELESS CHARGER coque huawei nova 3i licorne I HAVEMany are coque iphone cuir rose perhaps still considering if they should buy a wireless charger. I think you should. Do away with coque huawei nova fleurs the annoying cables, and use wireless chargers…