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A few weeks ago, my boys and I got a chance to go to the Field Museum together. It was just a mommy and son day out since my husband had a nearby appointment. I hadn been to the museum in about 13 years but they had been there just the year before, so they decided to me all about coque iphone 7 adulte everything we saw. It was so much fun and so coque huawei p20 vitre educational!

We only had a couple of hours to explore but coque iphone 5s guadeloupe we made coque iphone 7 plus nasa the most coque iphone 6 reggae of it. I let the boys lead me coque iphone 5s rose pastel through and pick which exhibits they wanted to see. There is an area on the lower level as well as a beautiful coque or huawei p20 grass yard outside for a lunch break. You can also qualify for free or discounted visits if you are a member of another museum. I am a member of a local children museum, the Discovery Center Museum, in Rockford, IL and qualified for free basic admission for my coque iphone 5 eleven paris mickey family at soldes coque iphone 5 the Field Museum. You can also visit the museum on Admission Days but be aware that it will be very busy.

Inside the Museum

After checking in, the first exhibit we went to was Inside Ancient Egypt photos pour coque iphone right there on the first level. It was absolutely amazing! First you walk into zara coque iphone 5c what looks like a (mini) pyramid. After walking coque huawei p20 lite paillette liquide through, you will reach a staircase. You can go down into the coque huawei p20 chat and view real ancient mummies! They have 23 human mummies and over 30 animal mummies. You can also learn about ancient Egyptian coque iphone 6s geant casino life and see real and reconstructed artifacts.

The Egyptian exhibit was so impressive and interesting that we had to go through it again before we left the museum. It was definitely a favorite of ours!

Next, we couldn help but go check out Maximo, the Titanosaur! Modeled coque iphone se south park from fossil bones, Maximo stands over 28 feet tall!

We wandered through some more exhibits, took a few bathroom breaks (and snack breaks because that life with two growing boys!) and eventually came across theMetetorites, Minerals, andGems exhibits. We probably spent equal time in each as my boys oohed and awed about everything. Now that both are coque iphone se or transparente becoming avid readers, they were able to read the descriptions and maintain interest as we walked through. They read and learned about birthstones and found each one around the room of gems, and then looked to see which gems were their favorites.

We checked out more exhibits but I was focused on my time with them so I didn really get a lot coque huawei p20 lot of photos. I coque iphone 7 antichoc fnac am actually patting myself on the back for that. It felt great to just be there in the moment!

Since we only had a couple of hours to explore, we got through everything that was on their list, then went behind the Field Museum for a snack and quick view of the city and Lake Michigan before we had to leave. The weather was absolutely gorgeous so we took a nice walk before leaving.

We definitely look forward to another visit coque iphone 5s freud as there were several exhibits we didn have time to see. Next time we will definitely set aside more time since it just wasn in the books for us that time. The Field Museum has so much to offer and you will discover something new with every visit! It is such an educational place for all ages.

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Being a homeschool family doesn mean you have to miss out on the fun that comes with Valentine Day for kids. It means mom and dad might have to be a little more creative, but that what homeschooling is all about! There are so many fun Valentine themed crafts and activities to choose from that you won have time to be bored!

One great idea is to get together with friends and have your own party. Get crafty and make your own valentines check out these adorable Pom Pom Love Bug Valentinesfrom coque huawei p20 lite strass 5 Minutes for Mom! If you don have other kids to participate, perhaps you could exchange Valentines with family members instead. Set up a mail exchange so your child can send out Valentines and receive them as coque iphone 5 diamond well. This cute Heart Balloon cardis simple and fun and grandparents would definitely love it!

Another fun idea is to find ways to build your meals and snacks around the theme of Valentine day. Start with heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and cover them with red berries or strawberry syrup. For lunch, you could make heart shaped sandwiches. Don forget desert Embracing Homemaking has a fun idea for Valentine Day fruit kabobs that the whole family will love!

Don forget about some more educational activities as well. Preschool and kindergarten students can practice writing Valentine themed words. Those a little more advanced, may want try this Valentine Day Word coque iphone se silicone original Scramble activity.

For a science lesson, check out some of these fun Valentine themed science experiments! You should already have some of the items on hand or be able to pick them up for coque iphone 7 livre pretty cheap…