Coque noire samsung s6 DG shield-coque samsung galaxy a7 licorne-qsaich

DG shield

In case if the product is unrepairable, DG coque souple samsung galaxy s7 edge Shield+ coque samsung galaxie s8 marbre will cover the coque coque huawei p30 pour samsung s8 peingouin cost of replacement of the product by replacing the product with similar product or through gift vouchers of the same value upon customer paying 10% (Up to 365 days from the date of purchase of the samsung galaxy s6 coque incassable product) of the coque samsung s7 dj original product value, 20% coque huawei nova (Above 365 days from the date of coque samsung s6 edge plus air max purchase of the product) of the original product towards service charges.

During DG Shield+ period, if the unit is beyond economical repair replacement/Gift Card will be issued. DG Shield+ coque samsung s7 gris coque iphone 5 pailletee will coque samsung galaxy s7 stranger things be coque desigual samsung s7 edge cancelled with Replacement/Gift Card.

No liability coque s8 etui samsung is coque personnaliser samsung s8 accepted towards coque samsung s9 effet marbre losses which are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Loss or damage caused by wear and tear or normal deterioration.

Modification/alteration of any sort coque huawei p8 made to circuitry, original design of the product.

When the serial/model number of coque samsung s8 flash the set has been tampered with or removed.

Any defect cause by usage of wrong power supply, voltage, corrosion, rust or stains or any problem with supply of electricity.

Any product which has been used for commercial or rental purposes.

Should necessary spare parts for repair be subject to import restrictions of a country resulting in delay in repairs, there will be no liability on Sharaf DG store arising out of such delay.

Products being recalled by the manufacturer.

Claims arising from the failure to follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Inspection charges/ service charges are not covered if no fault is coque kenzo samsung galaxy s7 edge found in the product.

Cosmetic damage including but not limited to damage to paintwork or dents or scratches. Previously repaired by a non approved service center or service agent including case changes and the like.

Loss or damage to recording media, software or data. Software defects or software generated problems including the operating system and third party coques personnalisees iphone 6 6s software or the reloading software.

Any loss or damage to a person or property, direct, consequential or incidental damages arising from the use of or inability to use the products.

Any loss effecting to SIM card, Accessories, ancillary product etc. even if the equipment coque intergrale samsung s9 result into complete stoppage of working.

Accessories are not covered. (Batteries in built or external, cables, adaptors and other consumables as applicable)

Any loss due to hire or loan of the coque samsung s10 plus disney insured equipment to a third party or if ownership is transferred or sales is returned…