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Before we start with the camera review, let us brief you coque iphone 5 tealer about the camera specifications of the Vivo V17. The smartphone is loaded with a quad camera setup, which comes with a combination of a 48 megapixel primary lens along with an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens, a 2 megapixel depth sensor and a 2 megapixel macro lens. For the front, the company has added a 32 megapixel selfie shooter. The camera user interface is quite coque iphone samsung galaxy grand prime similar to what we have seen in other . You get different modes at the base and other settings at the top. Coming to the modes, you get Night, Portrait, Photo, Video and More. When you click on More, you get to see more options like 48MP, Pano, Live Photo, Slo Mo, Time Lapse, Pro, AR Stickers, Jovi Vision and Doc. Just above these modes, you will find a small circle and once you tap on it, you will get Wide Angle, Bokeh and Super Macro modes. On the top, coque naruto huawei p smart 2019 you have the controls of Flash, HDR, Filters, Aspect Ratio and Settings. That said, the user interface can be a tad complex as it is quite difficult to find some settings. For instance, coque iphone 6 disney chateau if you want to use portrait light effects then you need to tap on Filter and then select Portrait Light Effect. Hopefully, the company will make the app more user friendly in the upcoming days. Vivo V17 Daylight Camera Review The coque iphone 4 japon first photo you see is of a building. The image came out to be crisp and the detailing is on point. The colour coque iphone 6 cadeau of the trees present at the foreground and building is close to the source. The building present in the background is visible as well and one can easily the objects present near the building. Overall, the smartphone has done a good job. The second photo is about all the modes of the Vivo V17. We took the same photo in normal, 2x and Wide angle. Starting coque iphone 7+ personnalisable with the normal mode, the photo seems to be a bit dull but the details are visible as one can see the building present in the background. The colour of the sky also looks close to the source. In the wide angle mode, the camera can capture some wider area and distortion around the edges seems to be minimal in our opinion. coque iphone projecteur The colours came out to be slightly better than the normal mode. The photo offers a good dynamic range as well. coque iphone 5 pas cher Coming to the photo using 2x, the results were passable. The photo once again came out to be a bit dull. The colour of the sky also seems to be a bit faded out in our opinion. In this image, Vivo V17 can capture some good colours of the oranges and the background looks naturally blurred. The phone has still managed to capture some good depths. coque iphone 8 However, we noticed coque iphone 5c mandala amazon that some parts of the oranges are over exposed, but apart from this, the photo came out to be good. In this close up shot, you can see the phone can capture the right amount of details of this white flower. The colours are close to the source and the background is naturally blurred. When you coque iphone 5s swagg zoom in, you will notice that the details are not that great. supreme iphone 11 case Lastly, we took the same photo using huawei y8 coque the macro lens and the results were not good. It requires a lot of effort to click macro shots from this phone. Mostly, the phone was not able to capture the right details and you have to move the camera to get the right focus. coque iphone 7 pas cher The phone does a good job in the selfie department. The photo came out to be quite good as the facial features are retained. When you zoom in, you coque iphone 6s fornite can coque antichoc huawei y5 2018 see the hairs quite distinctly, which is a good thing. The colours are rightly captured and overall, it does coque iphone 5c trompe l’oeil a good job. The second photo was clicked using the Portrait Light effect and the results were good as well. The background is rightly blurred and it looks natural and coque iphone croix not superficially imposed. We coque iphone 8 plus avec anneau did notice a slight change in the skin colour tone, but apart from this, the phone did a coque huawei chewbacca good job. Vivo V17 Low Light Camera Review Starting with the first photo, the phone did a good job. The colour of the building is close to the source and the details are passable. Furthermore, you can still some grains at the dark corners of the photo. We took this photo in three modes, normal, Night mode and wide angle mode. To start with normal coque iphone 6 cul mode, the image came out to be good as the light was aptly present when we took it. However, we noticed that it is not handling glare quite effectively. Furthermore, the sky colour is not constant in this picture. Coming to the Night mode, things were slightly better in our opinion. The colour of the sky looks constant in this image and amazon coque iphone 6 spigen the detailing of the tree is improved as well as it appears to be crisper. Lastly, the wide angle photo was quite average as the details were washed out and grains were quite visible in the photo. The person sitting at the coque iphone 5 vernis dior front is distorted due to the barrel effect. Moving on, this photo came out to be good. The phone was able to capture good dynamic range and the photo is crisp. One can easily read the titles of the magazine and books in this stall. Furthermore, the grains and noises are coque huawei g620s disney not that visible. In this photo, we noticed that the colours are close to the source. The details seem to be decent, but when you zoom in, you will notice grains. The coque pour huawei y5 ii pattern present on this flower is visible, but noises are present in this photo. Lastly, we took this photo using the macro lens and the results are different. Although the phone was able to capture some details of the flower, there is a drastic change in the colour temperature, which is quite odd. The details are also not that great in our opinion. Vivo V17 can record videos up to 4K resolution from the rear cameras. However, one can shoot coque iphone 6s fille papillon it at 30fps. However, you can record a video at 60 fps with 1080p resolution. That said, the video performance is quite decent when you record it in ideal light conditions. The details seem to be good and overall dynamic range coque iphone 4s billet is rightly captured. However, we did notice that the lack of stabilization makes spoils the whole video and it is a major turn off that Vivo has not added any type of stabilization on this device. However, we faced some problems with the macro lens. Coming to the low light, the results were a mixed bag. We did notice some grains and noises. coque iphone 6 Furthermore, photos clicked using wide angle mode in low light conditions delivered some average results.