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Fine clothes and accessories bring this stylish tribe together “Okay, we are ready for our Backstreet Boys shot,” quips Clement Piak. coque iphone 8 And, while he might be kidding, he and his collective of friends certainly look every bit the part. coque iphone xs There is Maverick Mok, the “Nick Carter of the group” in Piak’s words, with boyish Prince bracelet personnalisé deux prénoms Charming looks and a seemingly conservative style, but with a surprising taste for hip hop bling. iphone 11 case review Arael Boo the patriarch figure of the group by virtue of his seniority and the warm generosity he extends to friends exudes gravitas in a three piece get up, accented with a stunning citrine, tatouage marquisien bracelet homme diamond and ruby brooch by Jean bracelet homme rochet acier Schlumberger for Tiffany Co. bague argent femme coeur diamant Looking relaxed in a Prada shirt with a muted print and a dark suit is the group’s quiet dark horse Eka Benui, the live wire of the bague argent claires group with the VIP party passes. Standing out in her own right is Joyan Chan, clad in a crisp cut orchid purple dress suit that she created. Then there’s Johannes See, looking every part the young scion in his grey tailored suit. And Piak, in a suit shorts and leggings get up that bracelet personnalisé mustela is at once irreverent yet elegant, is clearly the magasin bracelet homme toulouse lead singer, we mean, pack leader, with his bold individual style and trend setting sensibilities. The majority of them are old friends their fathers being in Ferrari Owners’ Club Singapore young people who grew up in the same social circles. “It’s not just fashion that brings us together, but also, food, drinking and a propensity for having fun,” says Benui matter of factly. The group has been growing organically as each added their own friends to the mix. As their bond deepened, they discovered a shared love for fine clothes and accessories, and thus they became a fashion tribe of sorts, attending fashion shows and brand launches together. “We interact a lot more in person than online,” shares Benui. While they might inspire one another to explore different styles and grow their personal sartorial expression, it is perhaps the recent addition of Chan that cements their status as a fashion focused group. coque samsung j5 It is one thing to have a collective of fashion aficionados, and another to have members that are revered personalities in the world of bespoke outfits. The only tailor in Singapore to have trained under award winning Savile Row master and Parsons School of Fashion lecturer Rory Duffy, and a protege of Singapore’s own master tailor Thomas Wong, Chan lends an expert voice to the group’s interactions, especially when it bague argent i am comes to insider tips on cut and quality. From left: CLEMENT PIAK (CP) 30, construction project director; MAVERICK MOK (MM) bracelet homme cartier occasion 25, manages family’s hedge fund business; JOYAN CHAN (JC) 26, COO and partner of bespoke tailor The Prestigious; ARAEL BOO (AB) 34, co founder of bird’s nest processing and wholesale business; EKA BENUI (EB) 29, manages family business in commodities manufacturing; JOHANNES SEE (JS) 34, CMO of shipping equipment company New Funnels STYLE TIP 1 TRUST YOUR INTUITION “If you are not comfortable bracelet homme avec pierre turquoise in your outfit, change it fermoir bracelet swarovski before you leave the house.” JOYAN CHAN STYLE TIP 2 LOOK FURTHER EAST “Tokyo is my favourite shopping city and the way the young people dress made me pick up the courage to adopt a more avant garde style. My favourite shop in Tokyo is Lazy Hazy Planet in Shibuya a multi brand street fashion boutique.” CLEMENT PIAK STYLE TIP 3 STREET CRED “I used to study in bracelet homme cordon dinh van the States and would buy rapper jewellery, which I still like. I buy pieces by Ben Baller who co founded IF Co, whose clientele includes the likes of Kanye West, Drake, Justin Bieber and bracelet personnalisé cheval Tom Cruise.” MAVERICK MOK STYLE TIP 4″I look for pieces with bracelet personnalisé livraison rapide a story behind them such as bracelet swarovski comment l ouvrir the Avantist watch made with a string from the actual racquet used by Martina Navratilova to win her Grand Slam finals. This is also why I make my suits at The Prestigious, for each piece also tells a story of the person who made it.” JOHANNES SEE What brought you guys together in the first place MM: Our parents met through bracelet swarovski charms the Ferrari Owners’ Club, and some of poincon sur bague argent us have been hanging out in this group for about five years. JS: I know Maverick and Clement through my parents, and met Arael at bague argent multirangs a wedding last year. Eka I bracelet swarovski stardust pas cher met through drinking! I like to bring new people into the group because I enjoy creating synergistic relationships. I have come to know Joyan quite well (through The Prestigious) and couldn’t think of anybody better to introduce to the guys. coque iphone 7 pas cher I think bracelet homme cuir bleu marine she adds to this group where everybody has a distinct identity, not just in terms of style but also as leaders of the bague argent jaipur industry. Is bracelet homme morse there a rite of initiation for new group members JS: Just champagne showers! What activities do you partake in, together AB: We all live very close to one another and we hang out. JS: We bracelet personnalisé laval started by doing dinners and drinks together, bracelet homme claire’s and realised that we have a lot more in common. EB: Now, we call each other for runway shows, launches and parties of fashion houses such as Prada and Louis Vuitton.