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Grenada pair hoping coque iphone 6s kenzo rose Shrews can help tame the big beasts of Liverpool “I just went for it,” Aaron Pierre says modestly of the winning goal against Bristol City that earned Shrewsbury a fourth round tie against the champions of coque iphone 6s miroire the world. coque iphone 5 pas cher “The gaffer encourages the back three to go forward, it was the last minute of the game and anything could have happened, but luckily it worked out for me.” And for everyone else at the League One club from Shropshire. Pierre has had his FA Cup moments before, xbxcase cristal violet poisson echelle etui pour iphone x xs max xr couverture en silicone souple notably when trying without much success to mark Son xbxcase cristal violet marbre etui pour iphone 7 8 7plus telephone etui pour iphone 6 6s plus Heung min while coque iphone 6 christmas playing for Wycombe against Spurs three years ago, but Liverpool is taille coque iphone 6s the sort of draw that coque iphone 5 avec ecran gets a club like Shrewsbury noticed, and by the time he hit his late winner in the third round replay it had already been made. “It coque iphone 6 plus retro didn’t strike me at the time,” Pierre says. “It took a while for what I had done to sink in. Beckles played in the Bradford match while Pierre was coque iphone 6 sulli kept coque iphone 6s biere on the bench, so the former takes up the story. “The contrast was amazing,” Beckles says. “St Kitts was incredibly hot and Bradford was Baltic. “We had a tough job getting back in time, too. We qualified on the Thursday and were supposed to fly back on Friday but the flight didn’t take off. coque iphone xs It was carnage at the airport and we had to stay another night. That meant we coque iphone 5s buffy got back on the Sunday, trained on the Monday and played the Cup game on the Tuesday. “It wasn’t ideal but you get used to a little inconvenience when you play your international football in the Caribbean. xbxcase fille douce treillis grille etui pour iphone 11 pro 8 7 plus doux jaune brillant telephone Our manager is very understanding and always tries to look after us.” Originally on Millwall’s books, Beckles coque iphone 4s silicone souple transparente spent six years in non league football after being coque iphone 6 crocodile released, moving around frequently until Accrington gave coque iphone 6 burberry him his break in 2016 at the age of 25. “It was the school of hard knocks and, yes, there were times when I felt like giving up,” he says. “You are playing part time, I was working in a school as a PE teacher and still chasing the footballing dream, and it’s not easy. When Kettering promised me full time football I couldn’t wait to sign up but they were late paying our wages the first month, then the second month they couldn’t pay at all. I ended up going back xbxcase ins style vintage lettres telephone etui pour iphone 8 6 6s 7 plus tpu doux mat arriere etui to Boreham Wood and then on to Billericay. “There’s quite a lot of stress in all that. Even at this level one year contracts are quite common. There’s no stability like there is at the top. coque iphone 6 pas cher People don’t realise what goes on behind the scenes, how volatile the life can be. Players are uprooted, sent out on loan somewhere else, and I’ve seen people lose relationships because of that, but footballers are not perceived as humans with real feelings and real eclipse de lune laser telephone etui pour iphone 6 6 s 7 8 plus brillant silicone etui pour iphone x problems. coque iphone 6 “You have to wear a mask, even though it is uncomfortable, coque iphone 6s stephen curry and you are not allowed to be yourself. People can’t really cope with footballers being just like everyone coque iphone 6s silicon else. Look at all the fuss when that Sheffield United player [Oli McBurnie] went to watch a game in the crowd.” If Beckles speaks with insight on this coque iphone phantom subject, it is because he has suffered from anxiety and depression in the past and now runs a foundation offering support to anyone affected by mental health issues. “It started off as part of the grieving process when my father died,” he explains. “All I wanted was coque iphone 7 super heros to step in and provide for my family but the pressure got the better of me. I became so tense I had to wear a device to prevent me grinding my teeth in my sleep. I don’t want to complain about my life because I am where I always wanted to be. I have a lot to be thankful for and I’m grateful but, if I can use xbxcase brillant blu ray peau de vache etui pour iphone 7 8 6 6s plus telephone etui pour iphone xr this platform to help others, I will try.” Returning to Sunday’s game, both Beckles and coque iphone rothschild Pierre are realistic enough to accept that Liverpool are unlikely to be at full strength, especially after the success of their alternative side in the last round against Everton. iphone 11 case kate spade “They played on Thursday, so I think they will be resting a few,” Beckles says. “If they play their youngsters again, it might make it tougher because players on the fringes always have a point to prove.” Pierre is equally philosophical. “We just have to try and coque iphone xr transparente souple stop whoever we are playing but, if you are going to get knocked out of a competition, you always want to have been beaten by the best,” he adds. “It would be good to have the experience of playing against Mo Salah or Sadio Man, just to see if they are any harder to stop than Son, and as a centre half I would love to play against Virgil van Dijk as well.